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It Sucks 32 - Console Simulator improved.

It Sucks 32 - Console Simulator improved.

New console simulator to relive those moments that were experienced with the oldest games, but… without having necessity to put the cartridges in your console.

First you will have to install the program in your computer and some ROM ` s, to these last ones you will have to look for them by Internet, do not worry to find them because there are several.

The consoles that better emulate are: family game, atauri, among others, proves it, surely will come to you well.

If you think that those games are old, you do not matter because the important thing is to amuse itself and to spend a good short while, insurance will like.


It Sucks 32 - Console Simulator improved.

Windows: 98 - 2000 - XP - Vista - 7

Processor: 0.8 Ghz.

Memory Video: 64 Megabyte.

Ram Memory: 64 Megabyte.

Disc Space: 30 Megabyte.

License: Gratuitous

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