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Maglev - gratuitous Game of labyrinths and levels.

Maglev - gratuitous Game of labyrinths and levels.

Maglev will be a character whom you will like, is a robot enamored with a toasting. Another enemy robot will kidnap it and Maglev will have to go to the rescue of her. In this video-game you will have a mixture of the Wall-E film and the video of Mario Bros rescuing to its princess.

This game is free, very entertained, in him you will play with the magnetic fields of a space terminal and thus you will happen to different levels and you will accede to the different zones.

Each level will consist of enmigos to win, obstacles, passages, traps and doors with ties that will cost to open. The controls will be simple and easy to use. It Remembers to use the turns to deceive the gravity and to put you in each space of the ship.

Their developers have put care in their designs, since it has very good graphs, with effects and colors that they attract. Although some think that it could improve, our opinion is that thus it is worth, and being free is worth more. Also to say to them that music is agreed to the type of game.

Amuse to you with this entertaining and original game for all type of age, surely you will repeat.



Maglev - gratuitous Game of labyrinths and levels.

Windows: 98 - 2000 - XP - Vista - 7

Processor: 2.0 Ghz. +

Memory Video: 256 Megabyte.

Ram Memory: 256 Megabyte.

Disc Space: 240.4 Megabyte.

License: Gratuitous

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